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The Southeast Asian nation is attempting to recover billions in dollars that investigators claim were stolen from state funds.

Malaysia has announced that it has recovered property and assets from 1MDB. 1MDB is the state fund at centre of a multi-billion dollar corruption scandal spanning multiple countries and jurisdictions.

The Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission announced on Thursday that the latest recoveries, from 2023 up until this month, totaled more than $23.9 million ringgits. That’s $5m.

The trial and conviction of former Goldman Sachs banker Roger NgWho was sentenced to prison by a New York court for his role in this scandal last year.

The corruption that took place at the fund established to boost economic growth fueled a backlash towards the government of former Prime Minister Najib Rasak, whose party lost power for the very first time in Malaysian History in the 2018 elections.

The MACC stated that the latest recovery came from a 1MDB former employee, as well as from five individuals who surrendered voluntarily, including Amhari Efendi, an ex-special officer of Najib, who had recovered 4.55 million ringgits (954,679).

The authorities also confiscated assets in Malaysia, Singapore and Malaysia worth 11.75 millions ringgits (2.5m) belonging to associates of Jho. Malaysian financier now on the run.

Ng, who was imprisoned in the United States for 10 years, was allowed to return to Malaysia and assist authorities with their investigations as well as to recover more money.

Investigators in the US estimate that at least $4.5bn was stolen from 1MDB, and instead used to fund luxury lifestyles and Hollywood film The Wolf of Wall Street.

Najib was jailedIn August 2022, the first of many cases relating to the scandal will lead to the arrest of the first Malaysian Prime Minister.

Last week, Malaysia’s pardons board announced that his 12-year sentence in that case had been Half aMany Malaysians were shocked by the decision, which saw his fine reduced from 210.5 millions ringgit (approximately $44.2m) down to 50million ringgits ($10.5m).

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