Japan to purchase underwater gliders

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The Japan Maritime Self-Protection Power, abbreviated JMSDF, takes strides in enhancing its underwater capabilities with the latest signing of contracts for Gliders Kind I and II take a look at gear, together with the Lengthy Distance Underwater Acoustic Communication Module.

The Gliders Kind I and II, also called “Underwater Gliders,” are instrumental in oceanographic surveys, enabling the measurement of water temperature, salinity, and currents. These unmanned underwater autos (UUVs) play an important function in enhancing maritime situational consciousness and environmental monitoring.

Moreover, the Lengthy Distance Underwater Acoustic Communication Module serves important capabilities in UUV management, location consciousness, and underwater communication from ships. With plans for efficiency exams scheduled from 2025 onwards, this module represents a big development in underwater communication know-how.


By investing in state-of-the-art gear and capabilities, the JMSDF goals to bolster its readiness to handle rising safety challenges and defend its maritime pursuits.

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