Nominations for the Nobel Peace Prize close with Ukraine, Gaza and Gaza on the agenda

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STAVANGER, Norway (AP) — The doors close Wednesday on nominations for the 2024 Nobel Peace Prize, with peace activists connected to the wars in Gaza and Ukraine among the known entries.

The Norwegian Nobel Committee is secretive about its nominations, although those with nomination rights can sometimes make their choices public.

Some of the announced nominees have focused on the efforts to end the Gaza war.

Academics at the Free University Amsterdam have nominated the Middle East based organizations EcoPeace and Women Wage Peace as well as Women of the Sun to help promote peace between Israelis, Palestinians and other Middle Eastern countries.

“They are bringing communities together to build peace in the Middle East with a special focus on the role of women and climate justice,” the university’s Peace and Conflict Studies department wrote.

Ingvild Wetrhus Thorsvik, a Norwegian legislator, told the newspaper VG she had nominated Palestinian journalist Motaz Adaiza to document conditions in Gaza.

The prize usually attracts more 300 entries from academics with a connection to peace studies, lawmakers in national parliaments, previous winners and others with nomination right.

The International Peace Bureau, the organization that won the prize in 2010, said it nominated The Russian Movement of Conscientious Objectors, and The Ukrainian Pacifist Movement because of their commitment to protect conscientious objectors from violence, particularly following the Russian invasion of Ukraine. The Belarusian organisation Our House was also nominated.

The Norwegian Nobel Committee narrows down the list in a series meetings before announcing a winner in October. The large number of people and organizations who are qualified to nominate candidates can lead to some bizarre choices. For example, both Adolf Hitler & Joseph Stalin’s names have been in the hat.

Iranian activist imprisoned Narges MohammadiShe won the 2023 Nobel Peace Prize in recognition of her campaign for women’s right and democracy in her home country. Her teenaged children Accepting the awardIn her name

The peace prize and the other Nobel Prizes are handed out on Dec. 10, the anniversary of prize founder Alfred Nobel’s death in 1896.

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